The Daimler


When the Daimler S.P. 250 was introduced in 1959 I thought it was about as ugly a car as I had every seen. True, it had some interesting aspects: fiberglass body, four-wheel disc brakes, a 2.5 litre Hemi-head V8 rated at 140 HP. Available with a 4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic it was rumored to approach 125 mph. That being said, consider the front- end’s malocclusion, the swoopy design accents drawing back from the front and rear wheel wells. Yes, they might help body rigidity, but couldn’t someone have devised a Plan B. And those en hommage a Virgil Exner fins were looking passe in ’59.

Over the intervening years, however, I have warmed to S.P. 250. There have been so many ghastly automotive designs during this period  that the old Daimler now appears excentric, and perhaps even a bite jaunty.

Additionally, adding to their luster’ you see the occasional S.P. 250 on the vintage circuit like this nicely sorted out example  below that appeared at last year’s The Hawk vintage event at Road America in July.  The absence of all the front end chrome does wonders!250

The advertisement for the Daimler was discovered in the 1960 Road America International June  Sprints Yearbook.

Daimler 2

Mr. Kaufman was the proprietor of P. J. Kaufman Co. Inc. an auto dealership that offered a number of import marques in the 1950’s & 60’s.  Located for a time on North 3rd Street in Milwaukee, I believed he relocated to Ozaukee County, north of the city before ceasing operations. Walter Cronkite is self-explanatory.